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Benefits Of Having A Designated Driver

it is wrong for one to drive when they are drunk or while they are drinking alcohol.It is against the law in every country.Due to impaired vision and poor decision making accidents can be caused easily.We all would like to have fun with our friends and take one or two bottles. But you have to be very responsible and get a sober driver to drive you home after the night is over. You can have someone you know to drive you for a fee at the end of the day.

You are able to have fun throughout the night. It allows you to fulfill your primary goal of the night which is to have maximum fun. It gives you the liberty to drink to your fill. This can only be achieved when you hire a sober driver to take charge of the wheel.You have no worries of how to get home or whether you will be caught by traffic police due to driving when drunk.

You are safe when using a designated driver. It can be attributed by being certain that your driver is not affected by any alcohol in his system.You are able to keep other road uses safe. Drunk driving is a hazard to other people not only yourself.studies show that most road accidents are caused by drunk driving. Accidents caused by drunk drivers consists of the highest percentage of road accidents.

Getting ticket of DUI is not a very exciting thing. This can be an attraction of jail time. Instead of getting you locked up for some years because you could not resist driving when drunk is not worth it. The DUI ticket may be accompanied by sentencing like life imprisonment because you killed someone when driving recklessly. To avoid paying hefty fines it is just safe to get a designated driver to chauffeur you around when you drunk.

The next time you plan to go out with your friends for some drinks just have a designated driver. The designated driver that you pick should be trustworthy. They should not take advantage of you when you are drunk. They must be licensed to drive. Hiring a minor to drive you is a crime.That will be child abuse which is a crime, Look for an adult who can take up the task. Ask one of your friends o be the designated driver for the night. Do not let that night be the last that you will have such fun because you will have driven drunk. It can be the day you leave the earth due to a grisly road accident that could have been avoided by having a designated driver.

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